How to Add Member in Telegram Group & Channel? [Follow 13 Steps]

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If you want to increase your telegram channel and group members and are searching how to add member in telegram group & Channel then read this article completely, you will know very good ways in this.

If you have a Telegram Group or a Telegram Channel and you also want to see the Telegram members growing. In your group and channel, you will be given full help with the help of this article.

How to add member to telegram group?
How to Add Member in Telegram Group & Channel? [Follow 13 Steps] 3

If you have searched on google how to add member in telegram group then today you can increase the member on your telegram channel by following all these steps told by us.

We are going to tell you 13 steps to add Telegram members in telegram Group and Channel. With the help of which you can increase the members in your group and channel. Let’s know how to increase members in Telegram group. Add Telegram Members In Group – Take all these steps:

Setp 1: Keep the Group Name Correct

Name your channel and group like this. What do people search for? If you keep such a name, then the members in your channel and group will automatically increase, people will search and add to it.

Step 2: Use attractive profile picture

Always use an attractive profile picture in your Telegram Channel and Group. So that people can connect with you. So put the photo of a girl. And then see amazing how people join with your group. Or choose a profile related to the topic of your group.

Step 3: Create best URL for telegram group

Update Telegram Channel & Group URL. Add the name with which you have created Telegram Channel and Group in their URL.

Step 4: Post Daily New Content On Your Telegram Group

The new member has to be added to his telegram channel and group. So you have to post something in your group daily. So that whenever new members see the group or channel, they join it and add their friends too.

Step 5: Write Good Descriptions

Not many people write descriptions in groups and channels. Those people are making a big mistake. If you have also not added Descriptions to your channel, then you should write a good description. With this people will come to know about your channel and group and they will also add themselves and will also add their friends.

Step 6: Share with friends

You can share your telegram channel with your friends, they will share your link with their friends. This way you can get your first 50-100 members for free. If you give them some lure, then they will share the link of your group with others.

You should understand our sentence that no one does anything for anyone for free, in today’s time if you give them some greed, then they will share your link more and more, due to which your telegram channel will grow well.

Step 7: Cross promo

That is, sharing the link by changing it. To cross-promo with other channels, you must first understand what it is. We have written about it below, definitely read it.

Step 8: Paid advertising

This method can give you good members for your telegram group. Buy ads in other channels. It charges you an investment of money, but in return you get active users. But there can be a problem, same advertisement on different channels can bring you 500 new subscribers or just 1… or even 0 subscribers. We’ll let you know. This is a risky approach. But if you buy ads from the channel related to your topic, then you will get a large amount of group members.

Step 9: Buy Member for Channel & Groups

There are services that provide real and active members for Telegram channels. This is the fastest way to get subscribers and grow your channel. You can get 1000 members in a day or even faster! Usually you pay for the result. If you want 1000 members, make sure you get them all.

But be careful and don’t buy bots. Bots are great for numbers and are really cheap, but these are passive members, who won’t engage with your channel… and over time you risk losing them all. Because Telegram removes fake users. This does not happen if you buy a genuine member from a trusted company.

Remember, Telegram is only growing in terms of earning, don’t miss your chance to find your chance and earn money online.

You can increase the members in your channel and group with the help of free bot. We have given below link you can try.

Step 10: Use Social media

Through social media, you can increase the members in your channel and group rapidly. It is an easy and effective method. You have to leave the link of your Telegram channel in those groups where people are more active. You will find many such groups on Facebook where people are very active.

Step 11: Increase group members PPC social ads

If you buy social ads, then you can get good members from them, you can talk to a YouTube person or you can talk to a Facebook person.

Step 12: Use Channel Listing Sites

Channel Listing Sites should be used to increase maximum members of your channel and group. Millions of members will increase if your link once trends on a listing site. This may be the best way.

Step 13: Promotion on Blog

Like we told you above that you should use the listing website. The same thing happens on blogs, you should get the link of your Telegram channel added to a blog. This will increase your members faster. Once your link is added to a blog, you can get millions of members added in a few days.

Note: If you want to add link of your channel or group on our blog then email us.

Avoid doing unnecessary promotions

It is most important that if your channel and group remains active, then do not do any such promotion in it which may harm people. Always think of their benefit. Only then people will automatically add other people to your group.

Increase Channel Member With the help of Free Bot.
How to Add Member in Telegram Group & Channel? [Follow 13 Steps] 4

Increase Channel Member With the help of Free Bot

This method is the best and you can add thousands of members in a single day. And it works the fastest. You will find many websites for this. I will give you the link of the ones I use myself.

Website Link

In this you have to enter your URL, after that you have to put 1000 plan, and submit. After that you will have to complete an offer, as soon as you complete the offer, within 10 minutes you will be given 1000 members by adding them to your group.


Today we have shared this article with you about how to increase members in Telegram group. We are sure that if you follow all these methods then you will definitely get benefit. After this the methods are very effective, follow the steps in which they have been told and wait for the members to grow.

FAQ’s On add telegram members

How can I add a person in Telegram group?

Follow the same steps: Open Telegram > Select group > Tap the group’s image > Add member > Invite to Group via Link > Tap Share link > Select an app > Send the post or link. this is the easiest way

How to add fake members in Telegram channel for free?

To add fake members you have to use bot in Telegram group. But using the boat can be completely stopped. That’s why instead of adding fake members, think of adding real members.

How to Grow Telegram Channel?

Add new post every day to your Telegram Channel, Share the link of the channel on other social media like Facebook, Twitter. do cross promotion.

What is cross-promo?

In cross-promo, you have to find the group related to your group. And you have to talk to the owner of those groups that you will share the link of their group in your group. In return, they will share the link of your group in their group. But it will be really tough in the beginning. To cross-promo, you must have at least 2000 members in your channel or group. Otherwise the owner of other channel or group is not interested in sharing your link.

If you got information about your work from this article of ours, then you must tell us in the comment. And how did you like this article of ours to increase telegram group members, tell us by commenting and share this article of ours with friends.

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