41+ Telegram Malayalam Movie Channels

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If you’re into Malayalam movies and use Telegram, I’ve got some good news for you. Telegram is this cool messaging app that lots of people use – over 200 million, actually. It’s awesome because it’s easy to use, super fast, and keeps your messages safe.

Telegram is not just for chatting. There’s this special place called a channel where you can find all sorts of cool stuff, especially if you’re into Malayalam movies like me.

Now, you might be wondering, “Which Telegram channel is the best for Malayalam movies?” Well, I’ve got your back! I’ll help you find the perfect channel where you can catch all the latest and greatest Malayalam films.

There’s this super famous channel on Telegram called “Malayalam Movie Telegram Link.” I’m telling you, it’s a big deal with over 5000 members. What makes it awesome? Well, it’s like your go-to guide for everything happening in the world of Malayalam cinema.

You get the lowdown on new movie releases, sneak peeks with photos from movie sets, and even exclusive interviews with your favorite actors and actresses. It’s like a treasure trove of Malayalam movie goodness.

There’s this awesome channel called “New Movie Telegram Channel,” and it’s your go-to spot for all the freshest updates on Malayalam movies. I’m talking about the newest news, reviews, and trailers for all the upcoming Malayalam films.

The Tamilrockers Malayalam Movie Telegram Channel is like a social media hangout for Malayalam film enthusiasts. It’s the go-to place to catch up on all things related to Malayalam movies.

What’s in store for you? Well, you can get the latest updates on newly released films, juicy celebrity gossip, and even check out promotions happening in the Malayalam film industry. It’s a one-stop-shop for staying in the loop!

And because we’re all about sharing the love, we’ve got some names and links of other awesome Telegram channels for you to explore. Go ahead and check them out for even more Malayalam movie goodness:

Malayalam Movie Telegram ChannelJoin Link
Movie Series 🍿Click Here
Malayalam Dubbed Movies🎥Click Here
Malayalam Action Movie NewsClick Here
MalayalamcinemahubClick Here
Entertainment Zone📺Click Here
New Malayalam MoviesClick Here
Malayalam Movies LatestClick Here
Malayalam HD MoviesClick Here
Kannada Tamil Malayalam DubbedClick Here
New Tamil Movies | Dubbed Hollywood MoviesClick Here
Malayalam Tamil Telugu Movies HDClick Here
Malayalam Tamil Telugu MoviesClick Here
Romancham | Chathuram | Malayalam HDClick Here
Romancham | Malayalam HDClick Here
Malayalam Tamil New MoviesClick Here
Ayalvashi | 2018 MovieClick Here
JawanClick Here
Punjabi • Kannada • Malayalam Movies 💯Click Here
Animal Kannada Movie 🔥Click Here
Neru & Antony – Movie 🔥⬅️Click Here
Neru Movie ⚡️ AntonyClick Here

Top 3 Best Malayalam Movie Telegram Channel 2024

Hey there! If you’re on the lookout for a Malayalam New Movie Telegram Channel in Hindi, you’re in luck! We’ve got the best Telegram channels listed on our website, and here are some of the top picks for Malayalam Movies and Web Series:

1. Malayalam Dubbed Movies🎥

This Telegram Channel is a special place for movies dubbed in the Malayalam language. You can both watch and download various Malayalam dubbed movies here, and the channel boasts a whopping 1,28,532 subscribers.

2. Malayalam Movies

Dive into this dedicated Telegram Channel for movies in the Malayalam language. With 6,879 subscribers, it’s a hub where you can easily find different links to Malayalam movies.

3. Entertainment Zone📺

This channel is not just about movies; it’s your go-to spot for Malayalam movie release dates and trailer updates. Keep in mind that they’re working on dealing with copyright issues and ensuring a safe environment for everyone. They value your support and subscription, promising updates on the situation. So, stay tuned and stay supportive.

So, whether you’re into dubbed movies or craving the latest Malayalam releases, these Telegram channels have you covered.

Malayalam Dubbed Movie Telegram Channel 2024

The Tamil Dubbed Malayalam Movies Telegram Channel is your social media go-to if you’re all about Malayalam dubbed films. It’s like a hub for followers to soak up all the latest info.

Well, you can feast your eyes on updates about freshly released films, catch up on spicy celebrity gossip, and even get the lowdown on promotions happening in the world of Malayalam dubbed movies. It’s basically your ticket to staying in the know.

And because we believe in sharing the love, here are some names and links to other fantastic Telegram channels:

Malayalam Dubbed Movie Channel NameJoin Link
Malayalam Movies DubbedClick Here
RRR Malayalam Movie | RRR MalayalamClick Here
Movies MalluClick Here
Horror Time | Hollywood Tamil DubbedClick Here
Malayalam OLD MoviesClick Here
New Malayalam Movies 2022Click Here
Love (2021) Malayalam MovieClick Here
New Malayalam Film SongsClick Here

The Tamilrockers Malayalam Movie Telegram Group is your go-to social media hangout for all things Malayalam films. It’s like a community hub for followers to stay in the loop on the latest happenings.

You can feast your eyes on updates about the newest film releases, catch up on some juicy celebrity gossip, and even check out promotions buzzing in the world of Malayalam movies. It’s the ultimate spot for staying informed and entertained!

And because we believe in spreading the love, here’s the name and links to some other fantastic Telegram Groups:

Malayalam Movie Telegram GroupJoin Link
Movie Villa 📥Click Here


We trust you found all the details about the Malayalam Movie Telegram Channel 2024 enjoyable in this post. We hope that after going through this information, you’ll easily pick the perfect Telegram Channel for Hollywood Movies. If you’re keen on exploring more about online movies on Telegram, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

FAQ’s on Malayalam Movie Telegram Channel

How can I join a Malayalam Movie Telegram Channel?

To join a Malayalam Movie Telegram Channel, you typically need the Telegram app installed on your device. Once installed, click on the provided channel link, and it will redirect you to the channel where you can join.

Are Malayalam Movie Telegram Channels free to join?

Yes, joining Malayalam Movie Telegram Channels is generally free of charge. Users can access information, updates, and discussions without any subscription fees.

Can I download Malayalam movies from these Telegram Channels?

Some channels may provide download links, but it’s essential to respect copyright laws. Ensure that you have the right to download and share content before doing so.

Are these Telegram Channels safe?

While many channels are safe, it’s crucial to be cautious. Avoid clicking on suspicious links and be aware of potential scams. Stick to well-known channels with positive reviews.

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