99+ Web Series Telegram Channels and Groups

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Today, the web-series sector is gaining more popularity than the film industry. You can find a Telegram Web Series channel if you know where to search.

Telegram offers a wide range of channels, including top stock market Telegram channels and channels for education and books. But searching for channels can be a hassle, right? That’s why we’ve done the work for you.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular and authoritative Telegram links for web series. We conducted extensive research on both Telegram and Google to compile this list. These channels won’t have any promotional commercials.

What is Web Series Telegram Channel?

Movie and web series enthusiasts are drawn to Telegram in large numbers. It’s safe to say that it’s comparable to torrents when it comes to movie content. Telegram offers a diverse range of channels and groups where you can access the latest Bollywood movies and web series.

Several popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and others host the latest movies and episodes.

In the following section of the article, you’ll find links to Telegram channels featuring your favorite regional content.

Here are some of the best Telegram channels in India where you can watch or download movies and web series for free.

Top 3 Netflix Web Series Telegram Channels

Movies and web series from all over the world are available on these channels. You’ve probably seen some of them! That’s why you’re here, looking for an easy way to access Netflix’s collection of free movies and TV shows.

Join these Netflix Telegram channels and enjoy access to all the latest movies and web series without any cost.

1. Net-Flix Web Series 📺

This channel posts the latest movies as soon as they start streaming on the original OTT platforms. It currently has 439,682 members.

2. Netflix Originals

Here, you’ll find all the original web shows on Netflix in small sizes, so you can enjoy the entire show without worrying about your data usage. The channel currently has 8,567 members.

3. 🎬 Movie Update, Netflix | AmazonPrime

All the TV shows uploaded on Netflix are also available on this channel. Subscribe and enjoy the entire series. Currently, the channel has 3,934 members.

Netflix Web Series ChannelsJoin Link
Movie Series 🍿Click Here
Net-Flix Web Series 📺Click Here
NETFLIX TV [ Group Chat ]Click Here
Paranormal Netflix series• HorrorClick Here
MONEY HEIST 📺 | NetflixClick Here
Netflix Tamil Web SeriesClick Here
Netflix Hindi Movies Webseries SeriesClick Here
XO 3 Kitty NetFlix 2 XOKitty 🍿Click Here
Netflix New Hindi webSerie MovieClick Here

Top 3 Amazon Prime Web Series Telegram Channels

We’ve put together a list of the top Amazon Prime Telegram Channels where you can watch free movies and web series. With these Amazon Prime Telegram Channels, you won’t miss out on any of the latest movies or web series.

From Hollywood to Bollywood and regional films, along with the best web series, these channels cover everything.

Join these awesome Amazon Prime Telegram channels on Telegram now to access all the hottest movies and TV shows for free:

1. Movie Series 🎬

Join this channel to access all the latest web series from Amazon Prime without subscribing to any paid packs. The channel currently has 67,178 members.

2. 🎥 Free Web Series 🎥

This channel offers free Amazon Prime web series, featuring only the latest releases. Currently, it has 44,607 members.

3. Prime Originals❤️

All the Prime Originals are shared by the admin, allowing you to enjoy them without spending a single penny. The channel currently has 7,285 members.

Amazon Prime Web Series ChannelsJoin Link
Movie Series 🎬Click Here
🎥 Free Web Series 🎥Click Here
Prime Originals❤️Click Here
Netflix | Amazon Prime | Hotstar | Marbel | DCClick Here
🎬 Amazon prime ✔️Click Here
Prime OriginalsClick Here
🎬 Hotstar Amazon Prime DisneyClick Here
Tamil Bluray 4K 1080P MoviesClick Here
Hotstar Disney Amazon PrimeClick Here
Hoichoi Ullu Zee5 Mod ApkClick Here
Pathaan AmazonPrimeClick Here
Amazon Prime Hd WebSeries MoviesClick Here
Amazon Movies | Prime Videos

Top 3 Hotstar Web Series Telegram Channels

Are you looking for a way to watch your favorite series and movies from Disney+ Hotstar Telegram Channels? If so, this post is for you. The best way to discover your favorite platforms on Telegram is through channels created by us.

Keep reading to find out about the top Disney+ Hotstar Telegram channels and how to join them.

In addition to iconic shows like The Mandalorian and The World According to Jeff Goldblum, Disney+ Hotstar Premium also offers content licensed from HBO and Showtime, including movies like Atrangi Re, Shiddat, Laxmi, Sadak 2, and all Marvel films. Additionally, web series like Human, Grahan, Special Ops, Criminal Justice, and all MCU Series are available.

1. Hotstar Disney movies web series

This channel features almost all of Hotstar’s popular web series. Subscribe to watch the entire series. The channel currently has 495,553 members.

2. Hotstar web series Movies

This channel offers all of Hotstar’s original web series in minimal download sizes, allowing you to watch them without worrying about data usage. The channel currently has 9,237 members.


The site’s administrator shares links here whenever a new film is available for viewing on the Hotstar OTT platform. The channel currently has 20,119 members.

Hotstar Web Series ChannelsJoin Link
Web Series DownloadClick Here
Hotstar Movies Disney Web SeriesClick Here
Hotstar web series MoviesClick Here
Hotstar Movies 01Click Here
🎬 Hotstar Amazon Prime DisneyClick Here
Hotstar Disney Plus MoviesClick Here
HotStar Disney Plus Movies NewsClick Here
Hotstar Kannada FilmsClick Here
Escape Hotstar | Jersey Movie 💯Click Here
Hotstar Disney Web Series (New)Click Here
Disney Hotstar Plus New MoviesClick Here
Disney_Hotstar_Movie_web_SeriesClick Here
👑Netflix | Avatar 2 | Disney Plus HotstarClick Here
Disney Hotstar Movies Web Series7Click Here
Hotstar Disney MoviesClick Here

The site’s administrator shares a link here whenever a new film is available for viewing on the Hotstar OTT platform.

Top 3 Zee5 Web Series Telegram Channels

The Zee5 Telegram channel is where you can discover the latest, dubbed, and upcoming new Zee5 movie links and watch Zee5 movies using the Telegram platform.

As we all know, Telegram is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays. Besides chatting with friends, we can also join Telegram channels and groups.

Through the Telegram channel shared in this post, you can easily find Zee5 web series and access premium Zee5 content, including popular web series.

1. Web Series Hindi Movies Zee5

Join this channel to enjoy all of Zee5’s latest web series without needing a membership. The channel currently has 122,185 members.

2. Zee5 Web Series 🎬

This is a free Zee5 web series channel that exclusively features the newest web series. The channel currently has 3,059,034 members.

3. Abhay Season 2 Zee5 Web series

All of the Zee5 Originals are posted by the admin here, so you can watch them for free. The channel currently has 3,059,034 members.

Zee5 Web Series ChannelsJoin Link
Prime Videos BollywoodClick Here
ALT Balaji VOOT ZEE5Click Here
Zee5 CinemasClick Here
Alt Balaji • Zee5 • Voot • HotstarClick Here

Top 3 Alt Balaji Web Series Telegram Channels

Are you in search of ALT Balaji Telegram channels? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t have extra money to spend on Alt Balaji memberships? Don’t worry, you’ll find some relief on these channels.

With the links provided in this post, you can start your journey with the Alt Balaji Telegram channels. Here, you can watch all the latest Alt Balaji web series, movies, and originals for free! It’s incredible, isn’t it?

Once you click on the link and join (or subscribe) to these channels, you can start watching your favorite content on the Alt Balaji Telegram channels right away.

1. RRR | Radhe Shyam | Pushpa | The Kashmir Files

Join this channel to receive daily content from the admin for free. The channel currently has 9,177 members.

2. ALT Balaji Series

All the short movies from ALT Balaji are shared here for you to watch. The channel currently has 2,968 members.

3. Alt Balaji Ullu Uncut KookuU

This is a free ALT Balaji web series channel where you will find only the latest web series. The channel currently has 223,556 members.

Alt Balaji Web Series ChannelsJoin Link
ALT Balaji VOOT ZEE5Click Here
Alt Balaji | Zee5 | Amazon PrimeClick Here
MX PlayerClick Here
Ullu Alt Balaji WebseriesClick Here
Alt balaji ullu uncut kookuUClick Here
Alt Balaji Ullu Kooku UncutClick Here
Mx Player web Series Alt BalajiClick Here
Alt Balaji 🍿Movies & Web series 🎥Click Here

Top 3 Ullu Web Series Telegram Channels

Ullu is a platform that offers quality content to its audience and is gaining popularity.

However, Ullu’s subscription plans are somewhat unique compared to other platforms, which may deter some people from getting memberships.

For this reason, we’ve searched for alternatives. We’ve put together a fantastic collection of ULLU web series Telegram group links where you can access all of the platform’s wonderful content for free.

1. Ullu Short Hot Movie

This channel offers almost all of Ullu’s hot web series. Subscribe to watch the entire series. The channel currently has 10,016 members.

2. ULLU Web Series

All of Ullu’s original web series are available on this channel in small file sizes, allowing you to watch them without worrying about data usage. The channel currently has 3,613,088 members.

3. South Ullu HD Web Series

The site’s administrator shares links here whenever a new film is available for viewing on the original OTT platforms. The channel currently has 1,779 members.

Ullu Web Series ChannelsJoin Link
ULLU Web Series 002Click Here
Lahore diaries Ullu Web SeriesClick Here
Kooku Ullu Adult Hotshots Web HDClick Here
ullu hotshots webseriesClick Here


Thank you for reviewing the Telegram links for web series that we’ve provided above. In summary, the process outlined above is simple and cost-free.

However, if you encounter any difficulties saving the files, please let us know in the comments section below.

We assure you that we will respond to your concerns as soon as possible. Feel free to use the comment section for any thoughts or suggestions you may have.

FAQ’s On Web Series Telegram Channels and Groups

What are the benefits of watching web series on Telegram channels?

Watching web series on Telegram channels provides free access to a wide range of content. It allows viewers to enjoy their favorite shows at their convenience without the need for a paid subscription.

Are the web series on Telegram channels legal to watch?

The legality of content on Telegram channels varies. Some channels may share content without proper authorization, which could infringe on copyright laws.

How can I join Telegram channels for watching web series?

To join a Telegram channel for watching web series, simply search for the channel’s name in the Telegram app and click “Join” if it’s a public channel.

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